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SunWave Energy takes care of everything:

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  • PBI Paperwork

  • Installation

  • Ongoing Off-Site Monitoring

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    We are Solar Specialists

    We are passionate about making solar a viable option for all homeowners and Businesses. Making your home or business a hybrid has never been easier!

    SunWave Energy is a California - based Design / Build firm specializing in Photovoltaic (Solar-Electric) Power Systems, and all other energy related upgrades for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our approach brings continuity to your solar electric project and includes system design, procurement, and installation, interconnection and commissioning.

    We have been creating alternative energy since 1980, from hydroelectric power production through the latest photo voltaic power systems for residences. We offer complete customer support and guarantee that systems installed by SunWave Energy operate and perform to your expectations.

    SunWave Energy systems need to be designed and engineered on a project by project basis. If you're serious about utilizing solar-electricity, then please take a minute to contact SunWave Energy to learn more about our professional approach to the implementation of your project. We look forward to working with you in the future and appreciate your interest in our company and the technology we support.