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Solar Electricity (PV) System

You can now take control of your high or fluctuating electric rates by significantly reducing your daytime demand on the utility.

Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity to power your HOME or BUSINESS. PV is quickly becoming popular as a reliable, low-maintenance, clean, low-cost energy alternative. Solar electricity allows you to be as energy independent as you choose, while lowering your utility bills and carbon emissions. Solar panels work in all areas of the USA, reducing utility costs. Solar panels come in a variety of styles for mounting on the ground or on rooftops.

Where possible ground mount systems offer the possibility of increasing the system size, are easy to clean, and more accessible. They can cost more than roof mounted.

Most residential systems are roof mounted. Having 30 years construction background as a general contractor, we insure that the integrity of your roof is not compromised with our installations.

Diagram of Solar Electric Power System


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