Estimate the cost and size of a solar energy system for your home.

Superior Installation

All SunWave Energy systems are custom designed for your home. We know that performance and aesthetics go hand in hand. SunWave Energy designs systems to optimize performance while blending your system harmoniously into your roof.

  • SunWave Energy provides fast, efficient installations of the highest quality. Solar is getting popular and many new companies are jumping in and learning on the job. Their mistakes mean holes in your roof and dangerous electrical wiring.

  • SunWave Energy partners exclusively with California Construction, a California -based company with a 25 year track record of success. As a result our workforce:Is highly skilled and always professional

  • Has decades of electrical experience on projects as large as a substation and as small as an individual home

  • Trained to focus on safety - for both your family and themselves

  • SunWave Energy provides a superior level of service

  • Our Project Developers are the best trained

  • SunWave Energy has exclusive access to cutting edge technology and the best products

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